Miremarsh: The Undermire (Kickstarter Edition)

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The Undermire. A grim place deep underneath the swampy marsh. This Kickstarter Exclusive board allows you to explore the depths of Miremarsh in all new locations, battling those creatures who dwell in the darkness. Its layout expands the world of Miremarsh, adding to the replayability and overall fun.

New weird and wonderful locations have been added to the Undermire Expansion, with exciting places and new dangers opened up to the exploring Goblins. Plus the Undermire comes with it’s own Unique Quest – The Undying King!

Watch out for those pesky Ghost Goblins floating through the swamp looking to annoy and hinder your progress. 12 exclusive Ghost Goblin Miniatures in translucent plastic. The new environment also brings new quests and ways to become king! And of course, with new locations comes new dangers. 4 monster tiles have been added to the Undermarsh Expansion, each looking for some little Goblins to feast upon.

Important: This is an expansion and you need the base game to play it

Suggested Ages: 14 and up

Language(s): English

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