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The hiking season has begun, so it’s off to the next summit! But which hike will you dare to undertake? And do you have the right things with you? Because only with the appropriate equipment can you conquer the different hikes in the Mountains board game. With some luck, a good memory, and favor or two from your competitors, you can snag the most summit stamps!

1. Decide which hike you dare to undertake:

Turn over any top hiking card. You can freely choose the degree of difficulty. The higher the degree of difficulty, the more equipment you will need for the hike.

2. Put together equipment:

If you want to complete the day hike, you need all of the pieces of equipment depicted on the hiking card. You will either have it in your hand or you will borrow the missing pieces of equipment from other players (“paying” them with favor stones).

3. If you have successfully completed your day hike, you get favor stones or summit stamps or both, as depicted on the hike card.

At the end of the Mountains board game, the player who has collected the most stamps in their summit book wins.

Mountains has been designed by Carlo A. Rossi

Game Details
NameMountains (2018)
ComplexityLight [1.20]
BGG Rank14176 [6.10]
Player Count2-5



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