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Growing food in your own garden, keeping livestock yourself — self-sufficiency is all the rage, but running an actual farm with a successful farm shop is a much bigger challenge than that.

In the family game My Farm Shop, players can live through that experience without leaving the house. Three dice are thrown on each turn. With one die, the active player selects a new expansion for their farm, and the combination of the other two dice dictates which field will be activated on the farm — not only for the active player but for all others as well. The expansions enhance the actions that players use to milk cows, shear sheep, harvest honey, or collect eggs, and these raw materials can then be sold. In the end, whoever makes the most money wins.

Game Details
NameMy Farm Shop (2020)
ComplexityMedium Light [1.94]
BGG Rank3091 [7.07]
Player Count2-4


1 review for My Farm Shop

  1. Kevin Mc Gowan (verified owner)

    This is an enjoyable light-weight family game, the mechanics are simple you roll 3 dice, use one to purchase an improvement card to place in a slot on your farm board then add the spots on the other two dice and everyone actions that slot on their own board allowing each to collect or sell goods with the aim of making the most money. As the game progresses the cards slowly escalate in ability but you have limited storage so you have to balance the flow of goods throughout the game whilst retaining flexibility in case your opponents play to your weaknesses. As you would expect from Rüdiger Dorn this is a well balanced engaging game with lots of options.

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