Obsession: Upstairs, Downstairs

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The Obsession Upstairs Downstairs Expansion introduces four new servants to the Obsession board game. The Hall Boy, Cook, Head Housemaid, and Useful Man can be used to mitigate Victorian Fate found in the base game.

It also enables 5 and 6 players and adds the Howard family with their legendary cook.

Upstairs, Downstairs includes new service and improvement tiles along with a ton of new casual and prestige guests. The expansion components empower players to screen guests, work around prestige limitations, find tiles, refresh the market more easily, and enhance favors early in the game.

Finally, there are three new game modes: Solo Estate Challenge, Team Cooperative Play, and Tableau Obsession.

Game Details
NameObsession: Wessex Expansion (2018)
ComplexityMedium [3.29]
BGG Rank0 [8.40]
Player Count1-4



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