Puerto Rico Deluxe Edition

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2019 Deluxe Edition includes New Buildinings & Nobles expansions, new cover and art, dual-sided building tiles with alternate artwork

Prospector, captain, mayor, trader, settler, craftsman, or builder?

Which roles will you play in the new world? Will you own the most prosperous plantations? Will you build the most valuable buildings?
You have but one goal: achieve the greatest prosperity and highest respect! This is shown by the player who earns the most victory points.

Components: 6 Player Board, 50 Goods, 100 Colonists, 20 Noblemen, 54 Coins, 58 Island Tiles, 7 Ships, 50 Victory Point Chips, 9 Role Cards, 90 Building Tiles, 1 Rule Booklet

Players: 2-5
Suggested Ages: 12 and up

Language(s): English

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