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The Sabotage board game (designed by Tim FowersJeff Krause) is a game of team stealth tactics. Two teams compete, with spies trying to save the world and the villains trying to stop them. Spies must be clever and quiet, while the villains must deduce and hunt.

The Sabotage board game is played on a 4×4 grid. Both teams have their own copy of the map, separated by a divider. Four dice are rolled each round, and all players program their moves simultaneously by spending those dice. The villains execute their programmed moves first, followed by the spies. When spies take a move action, they must announce some information about their location to the villains, who use this to deduce and track the spies. Both sides have the ability to unlock new tools and get access to more dice each round.

To win, the spies must hack eight times before the villains hit them five times with their weapons.

Game Details
NameSabotage (2019)
ComplexityMedium [2.94]
BGG Rank2989 [7.33]
Player Count2-4


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