Summoner Wars (Second Edition): The Skyspear Avians

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Summoner Wars Second Edition (designed by Colby Dauch) is a fully expandable, tactical dueling card game that features updated versions of beloved factions, along with exciting new factions ready to join the battle. The Second Edition — which features new art and a perfected rules system — can be played in-person with physical cards or online with a browser-based app.

The Skyspear Avians are a new faction for the Summoner Wars Second Edition. They are a group of winged warriors, capable of flying over foes and flocking into perfect formations. Led by the summoner Ava, no enemy is safe from the reach of the Skyspear Avian’s aerial attacks.

Game Details
NameSummoner Wars (Second Edition): The Skyspear Avians (2022)
ComplexityLight [0.00]
BGG Rank0 [8.81]
Player Count (Recommended)2 (Unset)


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