Terra Mystica: Fire & Ice Expansion (German Edition)

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German Edition of the expansion

Terra Mystica: Fire & Ice has the original factions brace themselves for new competitors: Yetis – the masters of power, Ice Maidens – who adore their Temples, Acolytes – whose entire life is focused on the cults, and Dragonlords – who use their power to create volcanoes. And as if this wasn’t enough, there are two more factions, Shapeshifters and Riverwalkers, who ignore the most basic of rule of one faction, one terrain type. (Inconceivable to the Halflings!)

Suggested Ages: 14 and up

Language(s): German edition, but only faction names and rulebook are in German, rest of the components has no text. Perfectly playable with the English rules (available on BGG.com)

Important: This is an expansion, you also need the base game!

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