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Tiger Leader follows in the tradition of Hornet Leader and Thunderbolt-Apache Leader but takes those game systems down in to the mud and in to a whole new time period – World War II!

In Tiger Leader, you’ll be in command of a German Kampfgruppe of tanks, armored cars, trucks, halftracks and supporting infantry. Your Kampfruppe may also be assigned air support and heavy weapons support in order to achieve your goals. Your goals are to take your objectives while trying to keep as many of your men alive as possible during realistic tactical missions.

Tiger Leader features 7 historical campaigns and 1 hypothetical campaign (Operation Sea Lion) which can be played as individual campaigns or linked to form 1 huge mega campaign which follows your troops from the Invasion of Poland to the final battles on the Eastern and Western fronts.

Components: 240 Full Color Cards, 2 Full Color Counter Sheets, 3 Full Color Sheets of Terrain Hexes, 22” x 17” Full Color MOUNTED Tactical Sheet, 1 Full Color Player Aid Sheet, 1 10-sided die

Players: 1
Suggested Ages: 14 and up

Language(s): English

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