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As sellers and collectors of vintage objects at a flea market, you are always looking for the best items to bring to your shop! Try to collect and get everything you want, and also occasionally steal from other players. Collect furniture and deco items from the 50’s to the 80’s, and get the best collections! Color, type of items, and years will earn you points!

During the Vintage card game, players will place item cards face-down to the side of their Display Case (or, if players prefer, simply held in their hands). This stack is known as a player’s Hoard. A player can look at their own Hoard at any time, but may not look at other players’ Hoards. Players will start with 1 to 3 cards in their Display Case at the beginning of the game, but will have no cards in their Hoards.

On their turn, a player performs three actions, in this order:
1. Choose one item card from your Display Case and “saves it for later” by placing it face down on top of your Hoard.
2. Then, either:
– Steal one item card from another player’s Display Case and add it to their own Display, or,
– Salvage the top card from the face-up discard pile and add it face-up to their Display. Salvaging is not possible for the first player on their first turn.
3. Finally, draw two item cards from the face-down deck, look at them, and choose one to place face-up in their Display. The other card is discarded, face up, onto the discard pile.

Scoring: Lay out the 17 bonus cards and award each card to the player who has hoarded the most cards in the corresponding category.

Let’s go to the flea market!.

Players: 3-6
Suggested Ages: 14 and up

Language(s): English

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