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You are dreaming about evading in the islands? To travel above the sky and further than the horizon? Be glad as you now are a celestial construction manager, architect of the sky! Collect animal and plant resources, assemble them and add a little life spirit: congratulations! You just built an island in the sky!

The aim of the Welkin board game (designed by Fabien Tanguy) is to win the most gold by crafting and selling those famous floating islands. Each turn, the players/architects can either select a new island creation contract, produce resources amongst the 5 existing types, or allocate these resources on their contracts to craft them. Players have limited spaces to store these contracts and resources, so they’ll have to juggle with their production line to complete their objectives in an optimized manner!

As soon as a contract is fulfilled, it is immediately sold and its creator receives gold depending on the resources used for its creation… but their value isn’t fixed and depends on the current market! Is it better to get one’s rewards immediately, or to manipulate the resources’ values for a greater reward later…?

Once there’s no more contracts available, the game ends. The architect who amassed the most gold will get their place amongst the stars!

Game Details
NameWelkin (2019)
ComplexityMedium Light [1.75]
BGG Rank7461 [6.52]
Player Count2-4



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