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Roll Player and Gloomhaven expansions available to pre-order

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Two highly interesting expansions went just online on our website:

Roll Player: Monsters & Minions (ETA: May)


In Roll Player: Monsters & Minions, not only do players compete to construct the greatest fantasy characters, they must also gather information about the monstrous threat looming, and prepare for a final showdown against the beast. The more prepared the adventurers are for the battle, the better they’ll do, but that information doesn’t come for free. Listen for rumors to gather details for the fight ahead. Where is its lair? What obstacles will there be along the way? What will its next strike be?

Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles (ETA: November)


Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles, the first expansion for Gloomhaven, features twenty new scenarios that take place after the events of the original Gloomhaven campaign and involve one new character class — the Aesther Diviner — and her attempts to prevent an approaching calamity. The accompanying scenario book breaks these scenarios up across multiple pages to create more dynamic and surprising encounters.

Both expansions will be in high demand, so please place a pre-order with us to avoid disappointments. As always: You don’t need to pay for a pre-order when you place. Just choose the pre-order payment option during checkout and we will contact you for the payment once the order can get shipped.

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