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Stock update (05/01/2017)

Shop News

I have spent most of yesterday answering emails and preparing orders for shipping. With most of it done, today I had some time to check all the deliveries that waited for me, when I came back to the office. And it was a lot…

Here are the new arrivals:


  • Troyes and Ladies of Troyes (2016 edition)
  • Imperial Settlers: Aztecs
  • Power Grid: The Card Game
  • Doom (FFG / 2016)
  • Kingdomino (English edition / Blue Orange Games)
  • Aeon’s End

And some very interesting restocks:


  • The Oracle of Delphi
  • Cottage Garden
  • Railroad Revolution
  • The Colonists
  • Robinson Crusoe (2016)
  • Cry Havoc
  • Sushi Go Party!
  • Flamme Rogue (1 copy left, rest sold to pre-orders)