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PD Verlag

Portal Games and Concordia Restock

It's the end of a slow week, but yesterday's delivery made it a bit more exciting. We got three new board games/expansions from Portal Games and a restock of the bestselling Concordia and the Concordia Salsa expansion. New in stock from Portal Games are Stronghold: Undead (Second edition / Stand-alone)Vienna…
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Spiel des Jahres 2020

The two winners of the Spiel des Jahres award 2020 have been announced today: Spiel des Jahres winner 2020 The winner of the Spiel des Jahres is Pictures from PD Verlag and designed by Daniela and Christian Stöhr. Pictures is a quick-playing family game with very simple rules. Form the…
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A Barrage of new games

Just when our delivery driver thought he had made it to the weekend, we had another big delivery day. Lots of shiny new games/expansions waiting for a new home... And this one was full of big hitters: Barrage Barrage - The Leeghwater Project Lux Aeterna Heaven & Ale: Kegs &…
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Next week: 10 new games

Another Friday, another update what game we are expecting next week. Confirmed arrivals are: Through the Desert (Thursday) A Game of Thrones: Catan – Brotherhood of the Watch (Thursday) Sub Terra (Wednesday) Nations: The Dice Game - Unrest (Monday/Tuesday) Clans of Caledonia Transatlantic (Wednesday/Thursday) Concordia: Aegyptus / Creta (Wednesday/Thursday) Rob…
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First new releases after the UK Games Expo

We are back two days and we have already received the first new releases: The Game: Spiel... so lange du kannst! Broom Service (German Edition / Alea Spiele) La Granja (German Edition / PD Verlag) Mmm! (Pegasus Spiele) Brains - Japanischer Garten (Pegasus Spiele) Speed Snacks (Pegasus Spiele) Metal Adventures…
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