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Portal Games

Portal Games and Concordia Restock

It's the end of a slow week, but yesterday's delivery made it a bit more exciting. We got three new board games/expansions from Portal Games and a restock of the bestselling Concordia and the Concordia Salsa expansion. New in stock from Portal Games are Stronghold: Undead (Second edition / Stand-alone)Vienna…
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New Board Games for the summer

According to the Government announcement on Monday we can all look forward to a summer that will hopefully bring back normality bit by bit. This should allow for the first time in what feels like ages to play board games with our friends. So a good time to distract ourselves from the cold and rain here and now by looking ahead what games are waiting for us in the summer to play with our friends.
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Another big week

We are two days into another big week. Here are quick update of what games/expansions we have received so far. We need a bigger table soon... Babylonia Dale of Merchants Collection Dice Settlers: Western Sea Escape Tales: Low Memory Fuji Koro Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North - Japanese Islands…
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Lots of new games and Die Tavernen are back

Another busy week in regards to new releases: 11 new games/expansions have arrived today. Here a quick look at all the new items: Lots of shiny new games... 51st State: Allies Hearts and Minds: Vietnam 1965-1975 (third edition) Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell Machi Koro: 5th Anniversary Edition Expansions Milito…
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