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Upper Deck

Shards of Infinity has arrived

Shards of Infinity, the new deck builder from Justin Gray (Ascension), has arrived. Shards of Infinity combines an unprecedented level of strategy and customization into one small box. Rather than competing for points, players must outlast their opponents and reduce their health to zero, which can be done in a…
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New arrivals and restocks (20/07/17)

It has been a very busy week with lots of deliveries and new arrivals. So without further ado the list games that have arrived: Terraforming Mars, Clank, Barenpark and Caverna: Cave vs. Cave are the restocks we have received on Tuesday and Wednesday. And that is not all: for next week…
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New arrivals and restocks (04/05/2016)

Today's delivery has included five new games and restocks of two very good games: Alan's Adventureland (Rio Grande Games) Histrio (Libellud) Legendary: Captain America 75th Anniversary (Upper Deck) Panic on Wall Street! (Asmodee) Android: Mainframe (FFG) The two restocks are Council of Four (Cranio Creations / from the designers of…
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