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Talisman Star Wars: Promos included

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Talisman Star Wars combines characters, events and places from the Star Wars galaxy with the proven game mechanics of Talisman, the critically-acclaimed tabletop game franchise.

Talisman Star Wars cover

Talisman Star Wars allows players to compete in a circuitous race to reach Emperor Palpatine, collecting items of power along the way to confront the all-powerful Sith Lord or stand beside him as an evil apprentice!

Adventurers can choose from twelve playable characters to charge their way into the inner rings of the galactic game board. Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Rey, Kylo Ren, Count Dooku, and Obi-Wan Kenobi are among the custom-sculpted game pieces true to every beloved Talisman game.

(Source: Publisher description)

The box of Talisman Star Wars is packed full of cards, tokens and character sculps. You can have a closer look at all the components in this Talisman Star Wars Unboxing video:

But if that is not enough, fear not: to celebrate the release of the game we have received sets of four promo cards we can give away with every copy of Talisman Star Wars (as long as stock lasts). The four cards are Zorii Bliss, Sith Tie Fighter, the Millenium Falcon and a Battle Droid.

SWTalisman Promos Logo

And in case you wonder that there isn’t much info available about the game on BGG or elsewhere: the game is not available in the US, only in Europe, the Middle East and Africa you will be able to buy a copy. For once we in Europe are lucky in regards to licencing restrictions.