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The Arrival and Cottage Garden

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The Arrival and Cottage Garden have both arrived today from Germany.

The Arrival has been designed by Martin Wallace:

In a time long forgotten, the cruel Fomori rule over Érin, the green island. They praise their king Balor, who reigns from his fortifications in the north with an iron fist. Old paths and ruins spread over the island’s face, which will be called Ireland many generations from now. But new tribes arrive at the island striving for permanent presence. Who will control Érin’s fate over the next centuries to come?


Cottage Garden is a new game designed by Uwe Rosenberg:

In Cottage Garden, you compete in the art of gardening and are working two beds with a variety of flowers. Whenever no unplanted box is visible on a bed, you have completed it, then you count your points and replace it with a fresh, unplanted bed. You gain points for all of the visible plant pots and planting bells.

There is a small misprint on the board: the board is double sided, one is meant for 2-3 players, one for 4 players. Unfortunately both sides have the turn order marking for 4 players. But I’ve already talked to the publisher and they will send me a sticker label for each copy we have in stock to solve the problem. As soon as we have the stickers, we will start shipping the game. Hopefully this will happen within the next 4-5 days.