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Tobago: Volcano announced

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The Tobago board game is a fan-favourite published back in 2009 by Zoch Verlag and designed by Bruce Allen.

Tobago Board Game Cover

Welcome to Tobago!

The attractive, top-quality game pieces on the lovingly illustrated game board give the impression of a true mysterious treasure island. Each player contributes valuable clues, which determine where the treasures are located. The excitement mounts as the adventurers strive to be the first to arrive at the treasure sites. The 3-piece game board with its innovative design can be set up with 32 different scenarios, each providing fun and a new challenge.

(Source: Publisher description)

Now Zoch has announced Tobago: Volcano, the first expansion for the board game for October 2020.

Tobago Volcano Components
Tobago components with Volcano expansion

Tobago: Volcano, playable only with the Tobago base game, complicates your search for hidden treasure.

In the original game, treasure awaited under palm trees, next to huts, in forests, and in the mountains. Thanks to a volcano that takes up seven of the board’s hexes and now towers high above the game board, lava comes into play. During set-up, each player places a triangular tile of three hexes near the island’s perimeter, with one of these hexes being covered with lava; the player’s ATV starts on another of these hexes.

(Source: Publisher description)

We don’t have any details yet about the UK release, but we will offer the expansion for pre-order as soon as we have all the necessary details.