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Top 5 in Sales and Pre-Orders during November

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Last month was the busiest November I’ve ever had. Nearly daily I had new games coming in and lots of pre-orders to handle – all in all a crazy month, but also very successful.

And to see what kept me busy, here are the Top 5.


Top 5 Sales:

  1. Cottage Garden
  2. Great Western Trail
  3. Orleans: T&I
  4. Kanagawa
  5. Ulm

Kanagawa and Ulm could have sold more copies, but because of limited availability they ended up in 4. and 5. place. Otherwise they could have easily overtaken the Orleans expansion. But Cottage Garden and Great Western Trail have been way above anything else and are so far the two best selling games ever in Meeples’ Corner history (so far it was Orleans).


Top 5 Pre-Orders

  1. Lorenzo il Magnifico
  2. Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island (2016)
  3. Scythe: Invaders from Afar
  4. Nautilion
  5. The Colonists

No suprises here. The Colonists have arrived today, Robinson will come in tomorrow. Scythe: Invaders from Afar is another 1-2 weeks away from arriving in the UK. And unfortunately no release date updates for Nautilion and Lorenzo so far. Hopefully they will arrive before Christmas.