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What’s happening next week?

Shop News

Next week we are expecting two new games from Germany:

  • Why First? (Pegasus Spiele) – racing game in which you have to come second to win
  • Lumis: Path of the Fire (Kosmos) – abstract connection game for two players or four players in two teams

Why First? Lumis: Der Pfad des Feuers
We will also receive Eight-Minute Empire: Lost Lands and today our supplier told us that next week on Dominion: Adventures will be available in the UK.  We don’t know the price yet, but hopefully we will get it before the weekend and will upload the expansion to the shop as soon as possible.

And last but not least: We are also expecting the restock of Mysterium (Polish edition). There are already a few pre-orders for the restock in place, but we still have some copies left.

Mysterium (Polish Edition)