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    D&D Onslaught coming in September

    Wizkids has announced Onslaught, a new skirmish game for Dungeons and Dragons, for a release in September. Dungeons & Dragons Onslaught is a competitive skirmish game in which each player controls an adventuring party from one of the powerful factions of the Forgotten Realms. Parties delve into dungeons, battle rival adventurers, and confront fearsome monsters on a quest […]

    Shop News

    Human Punishment: The Beginning

    Human Punishment: The Beginning is a stand-alone game and the Prequel of Human Punishment: Social Deduction 2.0 and is a semi-cooperate, social deduction & pick-up and deliver hybrid! 3-6 players try to avoid the secret Machine revolution, but Machine spies are everywhere and they try to corrupt the Human players. There are also Outlaws, Fallen […]