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Perfect Crime Pre-Order

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Perfect Crime is the new game from Grublin Games (Cornish Smuggler, Waggle Dance). It has just been successfully funded on Kickstarter and will be released at Essen 2016 (late October).

In Perfect Crime you play either as the security focused bank or as a crew of robbers trying to break into the Vault to steal the loot.

As the bank, you’ll build your bank, employ staff, assign guards to patrol routes, expand your bank and install security. Your goal is to construct an impregnable fortress to keep the valuables in your vault safe.

As the robber, you’ll employ crew and equip them with the tools and plans they need to bypass, crack, expose, evade and generally defeat measures that the bank has put in place to thwart you


If you have missed the Kickstarter, you have a second chance: the game is now available to pre-order. We will receive the Kickstarter edition including all stretch goals and the Kickstarter exclusives, so you won’t miss anything. But you will still help Grublin Games, because they will contact us before they start printing the game to include our pre-orders into their print run planning.