ALIEN: Fate of the Nostromo

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In ALIEN Fate of the Nostromo (designed by Scott Rogers (II)), players take the role of Nostromo crew members Ripley, Lambert, Parker, Brett, or Dallas. Over the course of the game, they collect scrap, craft items, and fulfill different objectives. The crew will lose and gain morale as they encounter the Alien and other situations. If crew morale reaches zero, players lose the game.

Each turn has two phases. In the Crew Action phase, players creep through the Nostromo’s halls, gathering scrap, crafting items, trading scrap and items with other players, and using items and their special abilities. Brett, for example, can craft items with one fewer scrap than other players. If the Alien is within three spaces of the player with the incinerator, that player can use the incinerator to send the Alien back to its nest.

In the Encounter phase, players draw and resolve an Encounter card. The Alien could be lurking behind any corner…

Once the players fulfill their initial objectives, they face one of five final missions, each with a unique set of requirements. Players must fulfill the final mission’s requirements simultaneously to win the game. Players can also introduce Science Officer Ash for a more challenging game of ALIEN Fate of the Nostromo. Ash moves through the ship, removing scrap and forcing the crew to lose morale.

Game Details
NameALIEN: Fate of the Nostromo (2021)
ComplexityMedium Light [2.03]
BGG Rank2618 [7.18]
Player Count1-5


1 review for ALIEN: Fate of the Nostromo

  1. Nick Welford

    Fate of the Nostrum is a good game, but it’s not a patch on Horrified which it is quite similar too, so unless you prefer the theme a lot I’d probably buy Horrified.

    Alien sees you work together to try and achieve three randomised objects before attempting a final mission. In similar fashion to Horrified, characters have an allocation of action points and a special action. You will use these to move around the ship, pick up items and craft helpful objects. Missions often involve you having to pick up or drop off items in certain locations.

    There are some clever touches here for example missions that require you to manipulate the movement of the alien, however in practice this becomes an exercise in frustration. The same can be said of the alien in general. Rather than generating tension, the alien is more of an annoyance.

    There is some variety here but not as much as Horrified, and it’s not as interesting. If you love the original film it might be worth checking out otherwise – Horrified!!!

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