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By the end of the 1001st night, the sultan Shahryar wishes to build the new realm of Almadi (designed by Mathieu BossuFrançois Gandon) to honor the intelligence and wisdom of his wife Sheherazade. As the sultan’s advisor, you are the architect of this great work. Design a thriving territory with sumptuous palaces, fresh oases, opulent markets and majestic caravans. Skillfully arrange the landscapes and use their effects to turn your work into a great success!

Players build the Almadi realm in front of them by arranging the different Landscape types to the right of their starting tile. During their turn, each player chooses a Landscape tile from one of the rows on the central board and places it in the row with the same number in their realm. By placing this tile, the player can activate the effects of adjacent tiles.

At the end of the Almadi game, players score points based on the landscape layout in their realm, the number of rubies collected, the activation of certain effects and the royal objectives they have completed. They also score points if they have used the characters.

The player who scores the most points at the end of the game will be the winner.

Game Details
NameAlmadi (2021)
ComplexityMedium Light [1.89]
BGG Rank5252 [6.78]
Player Count (Recommended)2-5 (2-4)


1 review for Almadi

  1. Nick Welford (verified owner)

    This tile laying game offers so much decision space! Reading the rules you wouldn’t have guessed it with the simple drafting and placement rule. But the way actions are triggered and the genius genie action makes the game an intriguing competition of planning and luck.

    You are trying to lay the tiles in a manner that is going to score the most for you. There are four types of tile and you start with a player board with one of each tile displayed starting four rows for you. Each is numbered and the tile you draft comes from four rows each with two tiles in – but you must place the tile you choose in the matching number row on your board. It will have arrows and/or actions around the edge and whenever you line up an arrow with an action you also perform the action!

    It’s easy to learn and teach for the most part – the camel/market scoring can take some explaining but once that’s grasped it’s a fast playing and satisfying game.

    Components are good physically but the art work isn’t amazing. Included in the box is a variety with characters and unique powers for those who want more to think about!

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