Carpe Diem (2020 Edition)

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The Carpe Diem 2 board game is a new Edition of Carpe Diem from Stefan Feld with visually revised components and box artwork

As influential Roman patricians, you set out to improve your city districts. Grow bountiful gardens. Cultivate ponds rich with fish. Build lavish villas and various other dwellings for your servants. The day is yours to seize and the city ripe for rebuilding!

A sophisticated and intriguing tile-laying game with high replay value thanks to its variable gameplay.

Components: 1 game board, more than 220 tiles, 150 cards, 44 wooden pieces, instructions

Game Details
NameCarpe Diem (2018)
ComplexityMedium [2.51]
BGG Rank395 [7.52]
Player Count2-4


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