Circle the Wagons

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Each player in Circle the Wagons is fixin’ to build up their own boomtown, but only one’ll build the best in the West!

Blaze a trail by draftin’ cards ’round the circle and placin’ ’em in yer town, tryin’ to connect matchin’ territories to score prosperity points! But don’t forget about them three bonus cards in the center of the circle that can score ya even more points — that is, if ya play yer cards right. With darn near five thousand unique ways to score and millions of draftin’ and placin’ combos, you’ll never build the same town twice!

Players: 2

Suggested Ages: 8 and up

Language(s): German/English

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1 review for Circle the Wagons

  1. Geoff Byers (verified owner)

    A very neat, tight little puzzle of a game, which comes in a small enough box already, but the cards and rules will fit in a deckbox easily. Variable scoring conditions means the game stays fresh, unlike a lot of small box games, and the puzzle is deep enough that you need to be very careful about your moves, and what you leave for your opponent. The provided scoring pad also has a lot of sheets, so you’ll be playing it a lot before you run out. If you like Skulls of Sedlec or Sprawlopolis, this is an easy choice.

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