Daimyo: Rebirth of the empire

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Long after the end of the Time of Man, the few remnants of humanity have newly retaken the world, treading on the ruins of ancient civilizations. Within the Archipelago of the 6, the Clans live according to an absurd reinterpretation of Bushido. You are a Daimyo, a leader of a Clan, and you want to become the new Emperor of this archipelago.

To do this, you must gain Popularity! Send your Governors to influence the local populaces, but they must remain wary of assassination by deadly Shadows while your Scavengers unearth glorious Relics from long ago. Seize control of this archipelago with the help of the new Heroes of this world!


In the Daimyo board game (designed by Jérémy Ducret), you are the leader of a Clan, striving to become Emperor. At the end of the 5th round, the player who has accumulated the most Popularity points (PP) will be proclaimed Emperor.

There are 4 major ways to gain Popularity points:

• DURING THE GAME: at the end of each round, each player earns Popularity points according to their level of influence on each island.

RELICS: Each player earns Popularity points according to the number of Relics they have restored.
BUILDINGS: Each player earns Popularity points according to the number of Buildings of each type they have constructed.
HEROES: The players with the greatest combined values of army and Gold earn Popularity points.

Game Details
NameDaimyo: Rebirth of the Empire (2021)
ComplexityMedium [3.12]
BGG Rank3163 [7.76]
Player Count1-4



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