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After millions of years of wasteland on earth, animal life finally develops. But the world is still under construction and constant change. Only those who can adapt to the ever-changing conditions and situations will survive and leave their mark on history.

Darwin’s Choice is a competitive card game in which players create their own animal species from more than 220 animal cards. These animal species will be placed in vegetation zones that differ strongly in their requirements and the food available. The highest possible adaptiveness of animal species to their vegetation zones not only ensures their survival but is also rewarded with the coveted Darwin points. In addition to a high adaptiveness those species with the highest competitive strength are also awarded across all zones.

Between the 3-4 eras played, conditions can change completely due to vegetation zone changes and event card effects. The task now is to adapt the successful animal species of the past eras to the conditions of the present, either through sophisticated mutations or smart migration to other vegetation zones. However, you must always keep an eye on the animal species of the other players in order to anticipate their actions, because anyone who moves quickly and imprudently, is unable to move at the decisive moment.

In Darwin’s Choice the victory points (Darwin Points) are assigned to the animal species and may only be collected by players after the last era has ended. With this mechanism, the game remains exciting to the very end, because the extinction of a species also means the loss of its associated Darwin points.

Darwin’s Choice is essentially a strategic allocation game in which you must think carefully about how to use your cards. The large number of own possibilities and the ones of your opponents lead to a high variability, which makes thinking through each action and thinking ahead indispensable. The randomness caused by drawing cards (animal cards, vegetation zones, event cards) requires flexibility and fast rescheduling. This results in each played game being completely different and guarantees a high replayability.

All pictures, icons and symbols of Darwin’s Choice are hand-illustrated by the French illustrator Rozenn Grosjean, giving the game its very own style.

Players: 2-6

Suggested Ages: 10 and up

Language(s): English

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