Deep State: New World Order

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The Deep State New World Order board game is a strategy conspiracy game. Everything you do is shrouded in secrecy. Your trained agents infiltrate governments, banks, criminal syndicates, stock exchanges, research centers… You make treaties with well-known and hidden organizations, such as the Trilateral Commission and the Illuminati, the Communist League and the Masons, the CIA and the Cosa Nostra, and more.

You carry out covert operations — coups, sponsored guerrilla wars, and even direct military interventions. And finally, you embed yourself in international projects such as Comintern and Unified Nations, which shape the history of the world.

However, the heads of other ‘Committee’ subdivisions are no less ambitious than you. For you, as well as them, even the ‘Committee’ itself is nothing more than a stepping stone. The influence you gain will allow you to overtake your rivals, crush the ‘Committee’ under you and establish your global order, becoming the one and only ruler of the world.

Game Details
NameDeep State: New World Order (2019)
ComplexityMedium Light [2.31]
BGG Rank6498 [7.16]
Player Count1-5



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