Descent: Legends of the Dark – The Doom Of Fallowhearth

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The Doom Of Fallowhearth is the first novel set in the Descent: Legends of the Dark universe

Legendary heroes battle the undead and dark sorcery, in the first of a rip-roaring new series for the fan-favorite epic fantasy game, Descent.

When the Baroness of Forthyn’s daughter disappears, she calls on the legendary orc hero, Durik, to find her. Durik enlists his old questing partners – the dwarf alchemist, Ulma Grimstone, and roguish Logan Lashley – in the hopes of reliving their glory days. Together they journey to fearstruck Fallowhearth. There, instead of clues, they uncover necromancy: graveyards emptied of corpses, with trails of footprints leading into sinister Blind Muir Forest… But the forest holds more than just the walking dead: between its boughs lurk treachery, a sorcerous ally turned to darkness, and a shocking infestation of giant, murderous monsters.

Details: 368 pages Paperback



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