Dinosaur Island: Rawr n Write

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1 review for Dinosaur Island: Rawr n Write

  1. Nick Welford

    Rawr n Write is a deeper than usual roll and write which is like a mash up of both Dinosaur Island and Dinosaur World. You will draft dice that give you resources and the chance to build attractions, and then use those dice to take further actions by playing those dice on to the central board, in a worker placement fashion. These don’t block the spaces but can cause anyone else who wants to use them to take danger points.

    The usual tropes of creating dinos, and managing your security levels apply. But just like Dino World you will have to tour you park to earn excitement. This adds an element of route building and is a pleasant puzzle BUT i would label the buildings you travel through with the round number rather than an x as suggested in the rules – much easier to keep track.

    The theme really suits the gameplay and the combos you can create are super satisfying. For those looking for a deeper roll and write experience you could do much worse.

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