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Welcome to Feierabend, a.k.a. Finishing Time, the after-worker placement board game for 1-6 players.

In the Feierabend board game, you are playing a team of workers (female, male, and non-binary, too). Each day you leave work stressed and look for some fun in the evenings — but thanks to a 70-hour workweek and a low income, you don’t have many possibilities for relaxation. Sure, you can head to the pub for drinks, go on blind dates to find a partner, or fish or jog outside, but this is not a good work-life balance. It’s a rat race.

If you really want to relax, you need a higher income for you and your fellow workers — and the women on your team should be paid the same as the men. You want to work fewer hours each week, and taking a vacation would be good, too. Let the union help you fix this depressing lifestyle. This change might stress your employer, of course, but they already earn enough to be able to de-stress their life.

Each turn, place one (or more) of your workers on any available after-work spaces to gain relaxation. Taking leisure time doesn’t cost anything, but going to town for amusement requires you to spend hard-earned money. Going on vacation for real relaxation is out of the question until your employer is convinced to grant your workers some time off. When your workers meet partners, you gain access to even better relaxation options.

At the pub, workers can relax and have drinks in front of the bar — or they can earn additional income and suffer more stress by working a second job there. You’ll want to visit the union office, too, to strike for better working conditions. If you have enough strike tokens, you can force your employer to reduce working hours, increase your income, close the gender gap, or even send you on vacation.

After all your workers have been placed and taken their after-work actions, they are forced to return to work. You place them all on your factory where they then suffer stress, earn income, and gain strike tokens from the union, depending on the current working conditions.

The end of the game is triggered once a team gathers at least 40 relaxation. (In this game, relaxation is considered to be a currency.) Your workers are then placed on after-work spaces and go back to work one more time, after which the most relaxed team wins Feierabend.

Create a better (that is, more relaxing) life for your workers and their partners. Which team will relax the best and win the game? But really every team is a winner since they fought for better working conditions. Workers unite!

Language: German/English edition

Rules are available here.

Game Details
NameFeierabend (2020)
ComplexityMedium Light [2.29]
BGG Rank4492 [7.19]
Player Count1-6


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  1. Kevin Mc Gowan (verified owner)

    In this game players are teams of workers in a factory vying to be top for relaxation (victory points) by the games end. Players take turns placing workers or various action spots which bring different rewards from a night in the pub where you can spend money for beer (and a small amount of relaxation) to sending your worker together with a partner on a 3 week holiday for lots of relaxation. The game has three currencies, relaxation, cash and strike tokens the latter of which are used to bring pressure on the factory bosses to reduce working hours, get more union rights, longer holidays or more pay. The game is quite simple in mechanics and I would say this is quite a lightweight worker-placement game, it played okay 2 player but I expect it will be more fun with more players fighting for the limited action spaces – it gets a solid 7 on BGG from me.

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