Flourish: Signature Edition

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The Flourish board game (designed by James A. WilsonClarissa A. Wilson) is a beautiful, card-drafting, garden-building game in which players plan and build the garden of their dreams over the course of the growing season. With delightful imagery, players plan their gardens throughout the game to collect the most points.

Discover the magic of Flourish Signature Edition, a unique card-drafting, garden-building board game that transports you into a world of beauty.

Plan and construct your dream garden over a growing season, immersing yourself in delightful imagery.

Whether you’re a competitive strategist or a fan of cooperative gameplay, Flourish caters to all with its easy-to-learn mechanism and high replayability.

The Signature Edition introduces two expansions: Friends & Follies. Friends bring helpful animal guests to score you more points, while Follies adds stunning 3D garden structures.

Play the base game with one or both expansions for an expanded garden adventure. Flourish is more than just a board game; it’s a journey into a world of beauty, strategy, and creativity.

Are you ready to create the garden of your dreams?

Game Details
NameFlourish (2021)
ComplexityMedium Light [1.86]
BGG Rank3052 [6.74]
Player Count1-7



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