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The Iberian Gauge board game is the third game in the Iron Rail series, following Irish Gauge and Ride the Rails.

The morning stretches over the tops of the tall, rugged mountains that dominate the Iberian Peninsula. Hammers ring, iron on iron, fighting stubbornly for every inch of new track against the unforgiving and unyielding terrain. The age of the railroad is coming to Iberia, but it won’t be easy…

In Iberian Gauge, you will invest in railroad companies during Stock Rounds. In the Operating Rounds, each share of stock allows the shareholder to build tracks for that company, in the order those shares were purchased. But building in such hostile terrain is expensive! Leasing track from other companies reduces cost and keeps your railroads expanding. Failure to expand will sink your stock values, leading to ruin!

Game Details
NameIberian Gauge (2017)
ComplexityMedium Light [2.33]
BGG Rank3278 [7.51]
Player Count (Recommended)3-5 (4-5)


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