Jamaica 2nd Edition

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New edition of the Jamaica board game (designed by Malcolm BraffBruno CathalaSébastien Pauchon)

Pirates, get ready for the race of the century!

In February 1678, after a long career of piracy, Henry Morgan cleverly manages to get himself named Governor of Jamaica, charged with driving out pirates and buccaneers! Rather than doing that, he invites all his former “associates” and brothers-in-arms to settle there, where they are able to finally enjoy the fruits of their activities with total impunity. 30 years later, the Great Challenge is organized to celebrate his nomination in true style: a race around the island, at the end of which the winning team is the one having amassed the greatest quantity of gold in its holds. All aboard!

Game Details
NameJamaica (2007)
Accessibility ReportMeeple Like Us
ComplexityMedium Light [1.66]
BGG Rank582 [7.06]
Player Count (Recommended)2-6 (3-6)


1 review for Jamaica 2nd Edition

  1. Nick Welford

    This second edition is pretty much the same game as the first edition. There have been some small changes to the box size, a ship mini for the ghost ship (two player variant), and thankfully a reworked rulebook. The rulebook is no longer a fold out map style mess but instead a nicely tabbed affair – something that should be used for all rule books.

    The box is bigger with more space than required but the new card set up helps speed up playing. There is a change to the ‘shortage rule’ where your fate is now decided by a dice rather than moving back to the first space you could afford. I don’t hate this change especially for newer or slow players it adds an element of luck that is fun and you could always play with the old rule instead.

    Just like the first edition Jamaica is a great race game that is a lot of fun. I wish they’d taken this chance to add some more diversity into the pirates chosen but other than that it’s a straight forward reprint.

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