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Each player has their own small island paradise where they grow delicious fruit. To win, you must gain the most points by cleverly supplying ships and by adding the best businesses to your island.

Your turn in the Juicy Fruits board game works like this: First, you slide one of your fruit collector tokens a number of unblocked spaces and collect that many fruits of the token’s type: banana, orange, lime, pomegranate, or mangosteen. Then you may either fulfill the order of a ship on your shores or claim a business from a shared display and place it onto your island (or do nothing). Clever planning and timing is vital because until you supply the ships on your shores, they block valuable island space which could be used to collect more fruit — but if you concentrate too much on the ships, the most promising businesses may get snatched by your opponents. Also, the sooner businesses are claimed, the quicker the game might end.

With each play, the Juicy Fruits board game poses new puzzles of how to move your tokens efficiently and how to balance clearing your island with claiming businesses. The game also includes an additional “juice factory” mode and four modes of solo play.

The Juicy Fruits board game has been designed by Christian Stöhr (Pictures).

Game Details
NameJuicy Fruits (2021)
ComplexityMedium Light [2.00]
BGG Rank1933 [7.14]
Player Count1-4


1 review for Juicy Fruits

  1. Kevin Mc Gowan (verified owner)

    A have rated this game for waht it is a very nice light game about resource management game with lots of chunky wooden pieces of fruit. At the game start you each have your own island with the outer squares covered by beached boats waiting for you to provide fruit, there is also a central board with a limited number of buildings for you to obtain again by paying fruit. On your turn you can “move” one thing and then “buy” one thing, generally you move a collector on your board in a straight line for which you get 1 fruit for every square travelled of the type indicated on that tile. The “buy” part of the turn is either to buy a building from the central board or pay off one of the boats around your board both of which you get points for and in the latter case the boat is removed freeing up more space for movement of the collectors or to place bought buildings. Another point earner is to sell Ice-Creams, if you have enough fruit and the relevant ice-cream seller for you “move” action you can move the ice-cream seller and sell an ice-cream for every square you travel, this takes a lot of pre-planning but can be quite rewarding in points. The game ends when a set amount of buildings have been sold (7 in a 2 player game). Overall a great light-weight game where timing can be crucial and the best use of collectors will help decide the winner, there is a slightly advanced version with a “juicer” action which drip feeds extra points and needs pre-planning to ensure you have the right fruits available at the appropriate point. I have rated it 7.5 on BGG always happy to play it.

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