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Taverns, motivated merchants and magical objects are all that you need to become the richest merchant in Kameloot (designed by Fred BoulleCédric NHGrégory GrardMathieu Roussel).

But which tavern will you choose; The Hooting Owl tavern where paladins and magicians rub shoulders with rich merchants OR The Black Cat tavern, home of conniving crooks and scheming sorcerers?

Watch out for turncoats, there’s no mercy in the taverns!

Kameloot in short:

  • Complete your collections of magical objects with the help of other merchants you find in the taverns
  • Split the jackpot once a collection is completed.
  • Use your magical items.

But once again, watch out for turncoats… You don’t need to stay loyal to the same tavern owner!

Game Details
NameKameloot (2021)
ComplexityLight [1.40]
BGG Rank7184 [6.74]
Player Count3-6



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