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The Little Factory card game (designed by Shun TaguchiAya Taguchi), first released as Goods Maker, is a resource management and building construction card game for 2-4 players with a playing time of about 30 minutes.

Players increase their assets by processing resources into other resources, such as turning wood into wood or charcoal or turning charcoal and flour into bread. If you increase your assets, you can build a building and use that building to acquire resources and victory points more quickly.

The more buildings players construct, the more actions that become available on future turns. On a turn in the Little Factory card game, players take one of two actions:

  • Production: Choose a resource card or building card in the production action area, and gain the item shown on it; or,
  • Trade: Discard resource cards from your hand to acquire resource or building cards of the same value or less from the available cards.

In addition, players can use the effects of each building they own once per turn (including on the turn during which they were acquired). An example of a building effect is: exchanging a thread card in hand for cloth available in the play area. Chain together cards, buildings, and actions to create more victory points. The player who collects 10+ victory points first in the Little Factory card game wins!

Game Details
NameLittle Factory (2020)
ComplexityMedium Light [2.08]
BGG Rank6080 [6.37]
Player Count2-4


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