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Being a farmer in Llamaland (designed by Phil Walker-Harding) isn’t exactly easy with all the hills and mountains around, but even so, growing potatoes, corn, and cocoa on the slopes of the mountains is what you love. Luckily the llamas are a big help, too!

By fitting your fields in giddy heights, you gain the necessary crops in order to obtain the desired llama cards. These cards not only provide victory points, but also allow you to place a llama on your farm. After about 45 minutes of Llamaland, you will have an impressive crop-growing area in front of you, including your sweet and cuddly llamas.

Game Details
NameGreat Plains (2021)
ComplexityMedium Light [1.71]
BGG Rank2147 [7.14]
Player Count2


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2 reviews for Llamaland

  1. Kevin Mc Gowan (verified owner)

    This is an excellent game pitched at family level. Every player starts off with a tile grid and then on a turn they choose the top pentomino from the stacks and places it either adjacent to their layout in which case they can place one of their 4 markers on a goal card or they can play it on an upper level of their layout and receive resources from the spaces they cover, the resources are used to purchase Llama-cards which give decreasing victory points the longer you leave it and a llama which must be placed on a space – these are needed to fulfil goal cards. It is a balance of maximising your resource income (there are bonus cards to help with this) whilst getting key position on goal cards and tessellating your tiles to set up specific income. I have played it at 2 and 3 player counts and enjoyed every game.

  2. Nick Welford (verified owner)

    Llamaland is a sort of mash up of Gingerbread House and Barenpark from the same designer. It uses the same take what you cover up mechanic from both those games but in my opinion is a more enjoyable game than both.

    I really enjoyed Barenpark but the setup and storage was a pain. Gingerbread House I found less exciting. Llama land does away with some of the fiddly set up though not all of it. There is also an element of NMBR 9 here as when you take a tile you will either stack it on existing tiles or use it to expand the ground level. When you take the second and most boring of these choices you also get to stake a claim on one of the multiple scoring cards. You don’t need to have achieved the goals to claim them which is nice and tactical.

    Goals revolve around collecting Llamas and having them at various heights and configurations. Of course a Llama creates a blocked space that you can’t then stack on!

    I really like Llamaland and would call it family + level. Some might find it a bit too much with everything going on but if your family regular plays games they will have no problems. I will also be playing regularly with my game group!

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