Pandemic: Legacy – Season 1 (Blue Box)

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Red and Blue edition have the same components, just the cover is different

It started simply, with a virus tougher than the rest. Nothing the team couldn’t handle—but as January turned to February, it changed again. What resulted is a year that will never be forgotten.

Pandemic Legacy starts what will be one of the worst years in human history. Whether it is the worst year is up to the players, who must band together to save the world. Unlike in Pandemic, actions taken in one game of Pandemic Legacy affect all future games. Characters will change. Some may be lost. Heroes will emerge. And, of course, there are the diseases, which start under control, but soon…

Can you save humanity? Can your team make it through the year? Can your team face month after month of surprises, setbacks, and fleeting victories? Will you be ready for the challenges that await in Pandemic Legacy?

Components: 1 Game board, 1 Epic-sized board, 5 Role cards, 4 Pawns, 6 Research stations, 4 Cure markers, 2 Track markers, 96 Disease cubes, 48 Infection cards, 61 Player cards, 4 Reference cards, 1 Rulebook and many surprises!

Players: 2-4
Suggested Ages: 14 and up

Language(s): English

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