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Crank up the voltage in Power Failure (designed by Tao-Tao ChenYen-Lin ChenYu-Xuan SuAn-Qi Zheng), an electrifying card game in which you race to build the most productive grid. Up to four players compete to meet rising demand by acquiring resources, building power plants, and activating them to generate energy. Power production is inherently volatile, though, as rash individuals risk environmental catastrophes that set everyone back. The player who provides the bustling city with the most megawatts wins!

Power Failure is a tableau-building, dexterity game of energy production. Players take 3 actions on their turns to build and use different kinds of power plants. Depending on their actions and the type of plants they operate, they’ll be forced to stack blocks on the Carbon Tower, risking consequences for everyone when the tower falls. Players must manage risk while racing to complete energy contracts.

Game Details
NamePower Failure (2021)
ComplexityMedium Light [1.75]
BGG Rank11102 [6.80]
Player Count2-4


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1 review for Power Failure

  1. Kevin Mc Gowan (verified owner)

    Interesting filler card game mixing hand control with dexterity. Plays in about 40 mins.
    On a turn you have 3 actions from, build a power station, take a card, play a card, activate a type of power station. You can repeat actions, certain actions require adding hexagons to a hexagon tower, if it topples the action fails and your turn ends immediately. Cards depict 4 types of power stations or fuel or special actions. Activating your power stations uses cards and may produce carbon (hexagons) which you must stack successfully to get the power – with this power you buy the Victory point cards. We are enjoying this 2 player and it fits into the light category.

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