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You are the leader of a prehistoric tribe, deciding which members of your tribe go hunting and what prey they want to catch. To guide you, the Elders have created challenges that you can complete by painting on the wall of your cave.

Each round in the Prehistories board game (designed by Alexandre EmeritBenoit Turpin), you and your fellow tribe leaders bid simultaneously (and secretly) to decide who hunts where. The more hunters you have, the bigger the game you can catch, but the slower you are. The fastest player — that is, the one with the smallest sum of hunters — goes first, but they have few hunters with which to hunt. To hunt, you assign your hunters to one or more locations to catch the prey waiting there. Prey is represented by polyomino tiles, and the larger the tile, the higher the sum required. If you have just enough hunters to catch your prey, they might be wounded in the process, which means you’ll draw fewer hunter cards at the end of the round to refill your hand. (They distrust your leadership when you get them injured!)

In the second phase of a round, you paint your cave with the animal tiles collected during the hunting phase. Your cave is represented by a 7×7 grid that starts with a few tiles already in place. The first tile you place goes in the left-hand column, and all subsequent tiles must touch tiles already placed, with all tiles being oriented so that the animals are viewed with their legs (or fins) down. (Cavemen have simple tastes and want everything to be representational.)

When you fulfill the wishes of the Elders by painting your cave in certain ways — such as completing a horizontal line or connecting opposing corners or surrounding a legendary animal on all sides — you place one or more totem tokens on that challenge. Whoever first discards their eight totem tokens wins the Prehistories board game.



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  1. Kevin Mc Gowan (verified owner)

    The game is about collecting tiles to place on your player board in order to complete game objectives, when you complete an objective you discard 1 or 2 of your player tokens and the first player to lose all their tokens wins. The game revolves around the central board on which one of each tile (covering 1, 2, 3 & 4 squares and a special tile also 4 squares) is placed and depicts various animals (which may be relevant to some objectives), each player then selects cards from their hand which depict hunters of strengths 1-6, once selected players compare strengths and the smallest (weakest) strength goes first and uses the cards to buy some of the tiles (this is ancient man going hunting) other players follow in increasing strength order and buy from what is left (which may be very limited). Players may underpay for tiles but will get injured which will affect how many cards they may draw for the next round. Players then place tiles on their board (cave painting their hunting endeavours) in the same order and losing their tokens. The game is a nice balance of taking chances, timing and simple tile tessellation whilst racing for victory points, there is a lot of fun in undercutting your opponents bid to get to key tiles first but you will pay for it in the next round by drawing fewer cards, and timing the final round is definitely key in a 2 player game. It does play 2 player but I feel it will be better multi-player.

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