Remarkable Shops And Their Wares

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Remarkable Shops And Their Wares is the ultimate inspirational sourcebook to create and roleplay fantastical shops. A richly illustrated book, featuring eight ready-made and remarkable shops to use in any campaign world. Complete with staff NPCs, items, and exciting quest hooks.

Turn ordinary shop visits into memorable roleplaying experiences. From numerous shop types and their wares to unique shopkeeps. Currencies, trade routes, exotic mounts, and crafting custom items. You can even let your players build and operate a store. With dozens of random generation tables, roleplaying game masters can now construct the most detailed shops ever to grace a fantasy world…

This book is largely system-neutral and easily adaptable to any tabletop roleplaying game.

  • Eight pre-written shops with staff and quest hooks
  • Dozens of (magical) items to spark your imagination
  • Inspirational optional gameplay concepts
  • A wealth of random generation tables
  • Create your own fantasy shop, staff, and motivations
  • Crafting custom items chapter
  • Let your players build and run a shop
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NameRemarkable Shops & Their Wares (2020)
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1 review for Remarkable Shops And Their Wares

  1. Rogier Wieffer

    Received as a birthday gift and was impressed with the artwork and the ideas in this book. There are a multitude of magical locations, drinks and food, and adventure hooks that provide great opportunities to spice up your campaign and intrigue your players. The ideas are system-neutral, though some of it may require some transponding to work in whatever setting you are playing.

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