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The Renature board game is a majority game with dominoes for 2-4 players.

Each player gets a board with large pieces of wood in the form of grass, a bush, a fir tree and a tree. These are used for the majorities on the large forest game board and are available in white and in the respective player color. In addition, each gets thirteen dominoes with two out of ten animal motifs on each.

On your turn, place one of three dominoes drawn on a green field on the forest game board. Other stones must of course show the same animal as that on which the stone is placed. If the stone borders on a brown field in the forest, the player can decide whether a tuft of grass or something else should be placed on the field. Tufts of grass have a value of 1, bushes 2, firs 3 and trees count 4 points for the majority when it comes to a rating. For every piece of wood that is already in this brown area and has the same or a lower value.

If a brown area is framed with dominoes, the majority is scored and the player with the most points in this area gets what is printed as a large number on the sunflower in this area. Whoever has the second most points gets the lower number together with the player who closed the area. White pieces of wood are not among the majority of the player who has used them.

In the course of the game, you run out of trees, but these can be bought with clouds from the plan to use them again. Clouds can also be used to buy a double move and to move the wild card to another animal at the top of the game board. This animal then counts as all animals and makes it easier to put on. At the end a domino is drawn and the next player’s turn.

Game Details
NameRenature (2020)
ComplexityMedium Light [2.17]
BGG Rank2336 [7.67]
Player Count2-4



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