Sleeve Kings Premium Mini American Card Sleeves (55 Sleeves)

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New Premium Sleeves from Sleeve Kings. Each pack contains 55 sleeves with a thickness of 100 microns. The sleeves are 41x63mm and FFG-compatible.

These are perfect for lots of games with little cards! They will fit games like Blood Rage, Champions of Midgard, Dark Souls, Mansions of Madness, Mission: Red Planet, Orcs Must Die!, Robo Rally, Runewards, Civilization, Talisman, Twilight Imperium, World of Warcraft Board Game and Zombicide. Note that due to our more generous sizing these sleeves will also work well for “chimera sized” sleeves such as FFG games including Arkham Horror, Battlestar Galactica, Chaos In The Old World, Dugeon Bets, Game of Thrones, Merchants of Venus, Middle Earth Quest, Race to the North Pole, Timeline, Warrior Knight and World of Warcraft.



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