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Co-Winner of the GenCan’t Design Contest.

The Tussie Mussie card game is based on a Victorian fad that assigned meanings to the flowers that friends and lovers exchanged.

Featuring I-Divide-You-Choose drafting, this microgame of 18 cards is played over three rounds. In turn, players look at the top two cards of the deck, then offer them, one face-up and one facedown, to an opponent. That opponent takes one, leaving the other for the active player.

A round ends when each player has four cards, at which point the scores are tallied. The highest score after three rounds wins!

Game Details
NameTussie Mussie (2019)
ComplexityLight [1.14]
BGG Rank1286 [6.94]
Player Count (Recommended)2-4 (1-4)


1 review for Tussie Mussie

  1. Damien Cosgrove

    This is a really excellent quick small format game, perfect for when waiting for food to arrive when out. But it’s not just a mindless quick filler at all, the interaction of your two card zones that you collect cards into and the choices of which cards to split take, make for a very interactive and interestign gameplay experience.
    Heavily recommended form me.

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