Untold Encounters of the Random Kind

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Untold Encounters of the Random Kind (designed by Tam Henderson and Matt Henderson)is a tool to generate ideas, encounters and even entire adventures for fantasy RPG Games.

This book is designed to work with your existing RPG system, and we provide a 5E conversion guide in addition to our system agnostic mechanics. Untold Encounters of the Random Kind contains over 1000 random encounters, 6 mini 5E pre-written adventures, adventure generators and is packed full of random tables.

We have broken the book into 3 main chapters:

  • Town Encounters
  • Wilderness Encounters
  • Dungeon Encounters

These chapters are further broken down into sections to allow you to find encounters most relevant to your specific scenario. Of course we also provide roll tables to randomise your choices, or you can simply choose the encounters you like the look of. Each chapter contains hundreds of relevant random encounters, and also entire Adventure generators so you can roll up an entire campaign should you so wish.

So pick up your dice and roll up an encounter on us!


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