Viscounts of the West Kingdom: Gates of Gold

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In Viscounts of the West Kingdom Gates of Gold (designed by S J MacdonaldShem Phillips), people from near and far have come to see the splendor of our great city. While most are traders and labourers, eager to make a home for themselves, others seem to have more devious intentions. Can we really trust those who once attacked our walls? Do they truly desire peace? The King has sent his orders, but we will decide who may stay and who must go.

This expansion for Viscounts of the West Kingdom introduces the new King’s Order and Outsider Cards, new Building Bonus Cards, Manuscript Boards, and plenty of new Townsfolk, Heroes and Manuscripts Tiles.

Game Details
NameViscounts of the West Kingdom: Gates of Gold (2022)
ComplexityMedium Heavy [3.67]
BGG RankNot Ranked [8.06]
Player Count1-4



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