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In the Waggle Dance board game (designed by Mike Nudd), a Euro-style worker-placement dice game for 1-4, players control worker bees to build their hive, produce more bees, collect nectar, return it to the hive and make honey! (What is a “waggle dance” you ask? It’s a series of patterned movements performed by a scouting bee to tell other bees in the colony the direction and distance of a food source or hive site.)

Players need to organize their bees to make as much honey as possible to see the hive through the coming winter. The winner is the first player to successfully create 7 or more honey tokens in their hive. It’s up to you how to achieve this: Do you focus on nectar collection, increasing your bee population, expanding your hive, seeking favor with the queen, or splitting your resources to accomplish all of these? Whatever you choose, the natural world is a competitive environment and you can be sure the other players will be looking to maximize their advantage.

The Waggle Dance board game is designed to be a highly accessible language independent game with a simple rule-sheet appealing to all levels of gamers.

Game Details
NameWaggle Dance (2022)
ComplexityMedium Light [2.00]
BGG Rank14928 [6.60]
Player Count1-4


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